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Why join or be a member of this District Association?

The Alabama Middle District Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. is an organized, formally structured group of people, churches, and pastors with a common purpose voluntarily united to do the will of God. The Alabama Middle District Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. has three levels of administration; the Parent Body, The Womenís Auxiliary and the Congress of Christian of Education.

AMD is committed to: 1.) Providing Christian education to religiously educate the pastors and members; 2.) Validation of doctrine of the churches that are members of the association; 3.) Support of the common good through evangelizing in the neighborhoods in which our churches are located; and 4.) Maintaining an affiliation with the Southeast District State Convention, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention and the National Baptist State Convention, USA, Inc.

There are many reasons to be a part of AMD. Just to name a few; it is a place for validating, verifying and clarifying a congregation’s doctrine. If a church is not connected to other churches in anyway, it penalizes its’ members because they do not have the advantage of a common understanding that is shared not only in this local area, but is shared across the globe. It is a place where church leaders and pastors can be trained in Christian Education. Salvation comes from the teachings of Jesus Christ and it changes our attitude toward our fellowman. This salvation reaches beyond our religious associations and positively affects the behavior of individuals in our communities. If a church doesn’t associate itself with learning, it becomes stagnant. It is the place where local congregations pool their moneys, members, and resources to assist churches, support large projects and fight common problems. Disasters and critical times are especially times to demonstrate unity and a love for your fellow man. It provides fellowship for Christians, encouragement to churches, and a place to exchange ideas for both clergy and laity. You need to have fellowship and participation in order to grow. You expand your knowledge by mingling with other people.

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